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How Good is Bitcoin Faucet

Bonus Bitcoin Review

What is Bonus Bitcoin?

Bonus Bitcoin is a free Bitcoin faucet that grants free Bitcoin every 15 minutes with a daily bonus of 5% of the total Bitcoin you’ve earned in the past 72 hours. The ways Bitcoin are awarded varies by the “dice” multiplier (nearly identical to FreeBitcoin, though doesn’t work), surveys, and referrals – which gives 50% commission of their claims. Every 15 minutes you can get an average of 40 Satoshi, and a maximum of 5000.

Bonus Bitcoin uses CoinPot balance and outsources other websites like Xapo and FaucetSystem for withdrawals. So, the minimum withdrawal amounts and possible fees are subject to those websites.

Despite the constant pop-up ads and annoying captchas - ranging from just a click to finding street signs several times over, the referrals and short cool-down outweigh these small downsides and give a great opportunity to farm bitcoin.

Check out our Simple Ways to Earn Bitcoin Guide, and our How To Get Bitcoin, Beginner’s Guide for more ways on earning Bitcoin.

If you would like to join Bonusbitcoin, and get extra bitcoin on your rolls click here to sign up.

Bonus Bitcoin




Bitcoin Collection Interval


Bonus Features


Potential Winnings



  • Very low wait time between collection
  • High base collection amount
  • Different methods of acquiring Bitcoin, i.e. surveys, games, etc.


  • Very many ads on the website to deal with
  • Website can be laggy due to so many ads.

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